More photos from the Marjamaa/Turi camp in Estonia

I (Kristin) am a beginner photographer but I think that I learned a lot this week. Lesson number one: People with soccer balls not only do not stay still, when they move, they move really fast. I think that I took over 700 pictures and only a handful are great. I have always loved documenting memories but I love to be able to serve our team in this way. What a blessing from God to find a way to serve that I love!

Some of these pictures are at camp (we slept on the floor of a school in classrooms, ate food made by the “lunch lady”, used gym showers, and used the school field…we loved it) and some are at a nearby school where Kuldar (JV Edge Sports Estonia leader) arranged for 4 teams to compete in a tournament and I had the pleasure of photographing that event.

How do you sleep with no window coverings and the sun does not go down until after 10:30?

Light outside at 10:30pm

We all ate dinner at the school where the football tournament was held. Just imagine the stench of 4 soccer teams’ shoes in one small space after several matches. No. Actually you can’t. There are no words.

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