A day extra? Yes, let’s just go to Helsinki, Finland.

After arriving in Estonia with our team in the early afternoon last Thursday, we were told that our next time to need to be anywhere for our Estonian camp training was Friday night. So…with 4 people on our team that wanted to spend their own money on a 2 hour ferry ride to Finland, why not? So, we packed up some yummy lunches and went on a day adventure.

As soon as we arrived, Adel, Chris, Logan, and Nick Went off to explore while we just slowly enjoyed our surroundings. 

This was a wonderful day for our family because, for us, there was nothing that we were dying to see. We just wanted calm and happy kids (and selves) and that’s what we got!

Seaside farmer’s market, practically right off the boat.Best berries ever! We bought blueberries and raspberries. Soooo good. Beni got the greatest joy out of feeding the mushy/questionable berries at the bottom of our stash to some more-than-willing seagulls.We bought a “Gentle Leader” dog collar for Haley a few weeks ago. Helsinki was our trial run of more than a half hour walk. Game changer! Miss pull, pull, pull on the lead was super well behaved and our hands did not ache at the end of the day. Thank you Ruthanne for the suggestion!

My sensory boy. Whenever there is a desireably textured surface, off go the shoes! Sand is the favorite.Time to jump and get some wiggles out.Best tea ever! Casey and the boys got  white tea with cherry. I got green tea with passion fruit. They would not sell me a box of tea. Sad face.Super cute used book store. We even found a Richard Scarry book in Finnish and a pop-up Disney’s Haunted House book in English. We bought the English one.Casey’s candy shop in the form of bikes…The boys happily did some light reading while waiting for Dad. Thank you used book store!

Thanks Helsinki. That was a wonderful and refreshing day for our family. Adel and the interns had a great time exploring as well.

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