From Latvia to Estonia and back again

While in Estonia, I had the pleasure to talk with my friend and fellow JV missionary Elīza Kobin. She is married to Vahur (JV Estonia’s country leader). She is brave. She is not Estonian. She is Latvian. 

Not only is she adjusting to a new cross-cultural marriage, learning Estonian (a language that is not even remotely similar to Latvian), learning new cultural norms and how to live in Estonia, and helping on the JV Estonian team…she has also organized a team of Estonian youth to go with her to Latvia to run a JV Latvia evangelistic camp this summer. What a way to cast vision to the youth and encourage young hearts to serve the Lord in her Estonian church!

Most of our camps have teams that come and help run things from the States, Canada, or the U.K. We are, however, super overjoyed when people from one JV country serve in another country as missionaries. Many of the European churches that JV works with are either super new, or old and need a call to reach outside of their church walls.

Although I have not spoken to Elīza now for over a week, I am sure she and her team have much work to do in preparation. She and her team’s trip will be July 20-31st. 

Please pray for safe travels, that all of the funds would come in to pay for all of their expenses (for nationals, support raising is super challenging), that all the details would come into place at the right time, and that God would prepare the hearts of the Latvian youth that will be hearing the gospel for the first…fifth…seventh time!

I feel so honored to work beside such faithful and brave people like Elīza and so many others.

Elīza is in the front and behind her is her team. Photo credit: Märt Saar.

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