Josiah Venture is the organization through which we went to Romania on our previous mission trips. We spent an entire summer there (Romania) in 2003 and led trips of students from North Coast over there in 04, 05, and 06.   So how in the world did we decide to uproot our family when we have little ones, a new house, and leave a great job at North Coast Church?  We would not be telling the truth if we said that the decision was easy but it seems that our life has been pointing us in this direction for many years.  Since the first time that we went to Romania, we fell in love with the people, the culture, and what God is doing through Josiah Venture for the youth of Central and Eastern Europe. We wanted to be there so much so, that God pretty much had to tell both of us that we needed to continue living in North County, San Diego after our first summer trip to Romania. We felt a strong urging form the Lord to be reaching outside of our church to touch the lives of those in our own hometown before we were teaching Central and Eastern European students to do the same.  That is why Casey has had such a heart for the Community Service Ministry at North Coast Church.  In 2010, we felt called by the Lord to once again entertain the thought of working abroad.  Casey communicated with Josiah Venture and they happened to be in need of someone with the exact same skill set and experience that Casey has. After a somewhat lengthy interview process, they asked us to join their team!   Casey’s main ministry focus will be to support Josiah Venture’s evangelistic growth across the twelve Central and Eastern European countries that they serve. JV does over 100 summer camps each year (they want to double that), as well as sports and music outreaches during the remaining seasons. It’s a really exciting opportunity for us.